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There’s no place like home

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It’s where everyone comes to at the end of the day…where plans are made and dreams begin.  Whether you’re sharing a meal at the kitchen table or laughing together watching your favorite show, there truly is no place like home.  From single-family dwellings to multi-unit apartment complexes, Stroud Insurance offers the insurance protection you need to know you’ll never be without a home should a catastrophe occur.  Our agents know the various risks you face and they provide the policies that give you peace of mind.

Don’t assume anything…be sure

KNOW you’re covered with Stroud Insurance

Not every homeowner’s policy is the same and, unfortunately, most homeowner’s assume they have adequate coverage for all of their personal belongings.  However, all policies have set limits for specific items, such as antiques, collectibles, electronic/computer devices, jewelry, fine art, cash, musical instruments and more.  The sad part is that most people don’t know what these limits are until after a loss occurs.  Finding out after the fact that you’re inadequately covered is frustrating…and costly.

The professionals at Stroud Insurance take the time to evaluate your needs.  We know that, like a homeowner’s policy, no two families are exactly the same.  We’ll help you select a policy that meets your individual needs and delivers all the protection you need to cover all that you and your family own.  Since 2002, homeowners, rental property owners and renters throughout Ruidoso and all of Lincoln County and the surrounding areas have trusted Stroud Insurance with all their homeowner insurance needs.

We put YOU first…not the insurance company

The advantage of being an Independent Insurance Agent

Some insurance companies specialize in writing coverage for townhomes and condos, while others offer more competitive rates on traditional homeowner’s policies.  Still others actively pursue the renter’s insurance market.  As an independent insurance agent, Stroud Insurance can offer it all.  Since we don’t work for one single insurance company, we can shop for exactly the policy you need from among the nation’s leading insurance carriers.   Our network of insurance providers enables us to secure rock-solid coverage for virtually every homeowner’s insurance requirement, whether it’s a farm and ranch or a rental property, your primary residence or a secondary/vacation home.  When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, Stroud Insurance has you covered.

Stroud Insurance offers homeowner’s insurance options that include:

  • Farm & Ranch
  • Homes
  • Rental property
  • Short-term rental
  • Renter’s
  • Townhomes
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Mobile Homes
  • Vacant Homes
  • Homes under construction
  • Fire Policies
  • Umbrella
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Jewelry, artwork, etc
  • Multi Policy Discounts are

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